“Today’s April 9, and we have not seen yet that dramatic overwhelming surge of COVID-19 patients that we prepared for, and that we feared,” said Yealy. “We are seeing evidence that the pandemic is growing. But we see the possibility for a manageable future with no very high surge here in western Pennsylvania.

“I’m pleased to report that based on all of the activities–the social distancing and your participation–and other public health measures, it looks like we ‘flattened the curve.'”

A rise in cases is likely on the way, however.

“Our hospitals have plenty of beds and plenty of capacity, should we need to take care of more patients, including COVID-19-infected patients,” said Yealy. “We have an ample supply of masks, gloves, gowns and respirators to do this safely. We’ve launched innovative efforts to conserve all of our equipment so that we can maintain the supply into the future.”

“These efforts include sterilization processes to make sure that we can safely continue to use the N95 masks–that you’ve heard about–to help protect our employees. We also have partnerships with local universities to use 3-D printing to make thousands of nasal swabs…”

Last week, Pitt and UPMC announced that they had developed a contender in the race for a potential coronavirus vaccine — a dissolvable microneedle array that is applied to the skin like a Band-aid.