Photo of Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post.

The shooting in Squirrel Hill last weekend has dominated national news since the day it happened.

Beyond coverage of the crime and its aftermath, The Washington Post just published a powerful profile of Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto as he grapples with this tragedy. You can read the story, full of vivid descriptions of Peduto’s efforts to lead the city and his personal experience processing this enormous loss, here.

“The personal and professional blurred for Peduto during the past week, as he wrestled with how to shepherd the Jewish community and the city through its darkest episode — and how to get himself through it emotionally,” The Washington Post wrote.

“In the first two days after the attack, he slept for three hours and ate little more than a plate of cold pizza and green beans served by his neighbors as he drifted through a haze of funerals, family visitations and public events.”

Peduto’s focus on supporting Pittsburgh’s people through this crisis dovetails with some of what our own reporters have seen from the mayor in the past week. At the funeral for Tree of Life shooting victim Rose Mallinger, Peduto stood at the back of the packed synagogue through the 30-minute service, opting to stand rather than take an offered seat

In The Washington Post’s piece, Peduto speaks bluntly about his interactions with President Trump since the shooting, and his firm conviction that being with the families of the shooting victims, rather than meeting with the president on his visit to Squirrel Hill, was the right decision.

The Post also asked Peduto about his plans to run for higher office, and he was equally blunt about that:

“I love my job,” The Post quoted him saying. “This is the only political job other than being a council member that I have sought or that I will seek. I want to work for the city of Pittsburgh. I love my city.”

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