We’ve never been so in this together like we are right now. And we’ve never felt more alone.

So in an effort to feel a little more connected, we’re starting this semi-regular Question of the Moment asking you to tell us how you’re doing. Then we’ll report back on responses so you know how others are doing and perhaps in some way feel a part of something bigger.

You see our first question here about the biggest challenge you’re facing right now.

Our second question might be: What one thing did you start during the pandemic that you hope to continue doing once this pandemic ends? Another question could be: What word do you wish was banished from our vocabulary at least for a while? (Nominating “unprecedented” for that one!)

We have a lot more questions, and we also want to hear from you about what to ask next. That’s the last question on this super short form. Take a few minutes and let us know your greatest challenge and what question you’d like us to ask our readers.

We’re all in this monster of a year together and we truly care.

Thanks from all of us at NEXT.