Andre Perry headshot used by permission.

In advance of his June 28 talk at Hosanna House hosted by the POISE Foundation, NEXTpittsburgh profiled Brookings Institution researcher and Wilkinsburg native Andre Perry.

Back in April at Pittsburgh’s p4 2018 conference, Perry — whose work focuses on race and structural inequality, education and economic inclusion — shared an engaging talk about growing up in Wilkinsburg and how it informs his work.

At Brookings, Perry’s recent scholarship has analyzed majority-black places and institutions in America, focusing on highlighting valuable assets worthy of increased investment.

This week, Perry penned an insightful opinion piece for The New York Times posing the critical question, “Who Gets Left Out of the Urban Tech Boom?” In the article, Perry discusses changes he’s observed in nearby East Liberty, and asks “What makes these two places so different?”

In examining issues such as poverty, the tech boom, gentrification, affordable housing, real estate and more, Perry writes:

“Ten years ago, Pittsburgh was no different from the many other industrial cities badly in need of a new identity. At some point, someone made a strong case to investors that certain people and institutions in Pittsburgh should be trusted — researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh and other anchors of the revival. Those individuals and organizations were able to convert that trust into growth. Investors, civic leaders and philanthropists need to extend that trust to everyone.”

Read the entire article.

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