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Nine months after Amazon announced the short list of contenders for its second headquarters, we’re finally reaching the end of the wait: Amazon has said they’ll announce the winning city before the year ends. (Though speculation continues on whether there was ever a competition in the first place. This article and these comments are just two examples.)

In the meantime, the latest to weigh in is the tech blog Recode.

They’ve ranked contenders based on tech talent, average Class A office space rent (impressively low in Pittsburgh), tech and non-tech wages (which they estimate are lower here than in most competing cities) and travel time from the city’s downtown to the nearest international airport (we beat a number of competitors, despite a lack of train or subway access to our airport).

Check out the findings in the chart below and read their story here.

Recode’s analysis of Amazon’s short list contenders.
of Amazon’s short list contenders.

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