The Brew Gentlemen hosting a Garden Party
A few weeks ago, we called the Brew Gentlemen’s Rapid Prototype Factory No. 013, Cucumber Wheat, Pittsburgh’s best new summer beer.

In fact, it’s been so successful that the gents have decided to remove the number and add it to their seasonal lineup.

“The beer is called Garden Party so we’re having a garden party,” says co-owner Asa Foster. “We’re still trying to teach people how the Rapid Prototype Factory system works. This is a great example because it’s the first one to graduate.”

On top of the party, the beer will get its own art, branding, dates of regular release and offshoots, a few of which are already a few in the works.

“Not only are we going to do regular Cucumber Wheat, we’re going to be doing Garden Party with Friends,” he says, adding that they’re working on different flavor combinations to try out during the fermenting process. “We’ve got some pretty wacky combos coming up.”

The garden party for Garden Party will take place on August 30 at the gents’ Braddock brewery. Kevin Sousa will be on hand with small-bite pairings served from behind the bar. The PGH Taco Truck will debut some special items, Bar Marco will be whipping up beer cocktails, Gyros N’at will be doing a special vegetable-heavy menu, Burgh Bites will run out a summer cookout menu and Braddock Farms will host a mini-farmers market.

“The Pittsburgh Urban Gardening Project will also be there, talking about urban gardens and slinging pickled things,” Foster says. “It’s going to be a great time.”

The party will run from 4 to 9 p.m. and admission is free.

Hive 325 honey debuts today
From the “Only in Pittsburgh” file, No. 1,246: Andrew Carnegie used to eat dinner at this Downtown locale and now the roof is covered in bees.

In a brilliant piece of urban agricultural development, Duquesne Club Executive Chef Keith Coughenour and assistant pastry chef Sara Milarski installed two apiaries on the club’s roof last July after extensive training with Burgh Bees and Penn State. At a press event today, they’ll debut the first crop of honey from Hive 325, which takes its name from the building’s address and consists of four apiaries and about 70,000 bees.

On one hand, Eat/Drink is excited about sustainable urban agriculture in Downtown. On the other, inviting the city’s media onto a Downtown rooftop to mingle with 70,000 bees strikes us as a recipe for disaster.

Delicious sammiches!
Wednesday is National Filet Mignon Day and Morton’s The Steakhouse is not messing around. The steakhouse chain, which has 73 locations across the country, will offer its petite filet mignon sandwiches all day for a buck apiece.

The Pittsburgh Morton’s, at 625 Liberty Avenue in Downtown, is open from 5 to 10 p.m. that day. Eat/Drink heartily recommends putting down as many of these babies as possible before they toss you out of the joint.

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