Things to do in East Liberty
Union Pig and Chicken. Photo by Rob Larson

USA Today named East Liberty as one of  10 up and coming neigbhorhoods to explore this summer.  “Debates about gentrification notwithstanding, watching a blighted area get a new lease on life can be awfully heartening,” the article starts out. “We’ve listed a few of the most promising and unlikely rebirths below.”

“Pittsburgh’s East Liberty suffered a dramatic failed urban renewal plan in the 1960s after its “golden era” in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, this culturally diverse neighborhood is undergoing a monumental “metropolitan chic” redevelopment effort, including boutique hotels opening in rehabbed historic buildings, new restaurants popping up and Google establishing offices here. The neighborhood’s greatest landmark, the East Liberty Presbyterian Church, has survived, embracing a diverse and socially active congregation who have dubbed it “the Cathedral of Hope.”

Earlier this week, NEXTpittsburgh published an article “What’s next for East Liberty?” tracking the many new businesses and developments in the neighborhood.

Other neighborhoods throughout the U.S. that made the USA Today  list include Ohio City in Cleveland, Church Hill in Richmond, Midtown in Detroit, Southeast Portland’s Division Street, St. Paul’s Lowertown, The Santa Fe Railyard, the North Person St. business district in Raleigh, New Orlean’s Uptown and the Westside of Kansas City.

Tracy Certo

Tracy is the founder and Editor at Large of NEXTpittsburgh which she started in March 2014 and sold in December 2020. She is passionate about making Pittsburgh a better place for all and connecting people...