bayardstown social club
Bayardstown Social Club is a 5,000 square-foot lot on Penn Ave. in the Strip.

Bayardstown Social Club, the Strip District’s outdoor social and recreational space created and run last year by innovation firm Deeplocal, will return for a second season later this spring. The firm has hired Pete Spynda, a.k.a. “Pandemic Pete” to manage and develop programs for the popular space.

Spynda’s no stranger to this kind of thing. In addition to being a local DJ, promoter and event planner, he ran Weather Permitting — a series of family-friendly, Sunday evening outdoor concerts first held last summer at the Shadyside Nursery.

“I did a few events at Bayardstown last year and had a good time using the space,” Spynda says. “Having access to a space that blurs the lines between being a park and a music venue is exciting.”

Spynda added that while he and Deeplocal haven’t yet settled on an opening day for Bayardstown, he expects it to come in early May, after Deeplocal has ironed out its lease on the lot, reconfigured the space and had time to make some improvements.

“We’re talking about doing some kind of awning or covering so people can stay when it’s raining,” Spynda says, adding that the new incarnation of Bayardstown could also include events like movie nights, live music, happy hours and trivia nights.

“I think we’re going to build a bar just because people like hanging around a bar when they’re drinking and socializing. We wouldn’t serve alcohol or anything,” he says.

The brainchild of Deeplocal’s weekly office cocktail hours, Bayardstown, sits on the 5,000-sqare-foot lot at 3008 Penn Avenue and functions as a sort of communal backyard. Members and guests bring their own food and drinks, lounge around picnic tables or in chairs by a fire pit, play board games and grill.

“We want people to be able to have that space and have it be accessible to everyone,” Spynda says.

Matthew Wein

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