That’s when the family, at least for appearances, went into the dessert trade. From 1920 until the mid-1980s, the Yuengling name was as identifiable with ice cream as it was with beer. When David and his siblings chose paths outside the family business, their father shut the operation down.

Thirty years later, Yuengling—a career IT professional and cousin of brewery owner Dick Yuengling—has had a change of heart. In the last few months, he’s revived the dormant brand with both old and new flavors, rolled back the recipes to include hormone-free milk and natural ingredients and started distributing around the state. Now, Yuengling’s Ice Cream has broken back into the Pittsburgh market and is available at most Giant Eagle markets.

But don’t hold out hope for any beer flavored ice cream.

“We tried that before and it just didn’t work,” Yuengling says. “We have a Black & Tan flavor, but it’s a combination of chocolate and caramel.”

There’s also the small yet crucial detail that the creamery and brewery are totally unconnected with one another, but neither side is worried about it affecting business.

“Our initial market research revealed that name recognition wasn’t going to be a problem for us,” Yuengling says.