Commercial Kitchen Floor Plan
An early floor plan for Commercial Kitchen, a shared kitchen space which will open at the Pittsburgh Public Market this summer.

With the aim of bringing versatility and additional income to the Pittsburgh Public Market, Neighbors in the Strip is in the process of adding Commercial Kitchen, a publicly-accessible, shared kitchen space which will function as a program of the public market.

“We’re trying to get this moving fast” says Neighbors in the Strip’s Cindy Cassell. “Our goal is to be operational by June 1.”

Commercial Kitchen will consist of about 1,600 square feet in what is currently one of the market’s delivery bays. It will be divided into four distinct stations and offer cold and dry storage space, double-stack combi-ovens, convection ovens, hoods, commercial mixers, vents and entirely new HVAC system among its amenities. It will be operated by a full-time kitchen manager.

“We’re providing a few of what they call the small wares and tabletop items, but users will need to bring certain smaller items,” Cassell says. “It will be available for rent by the hour to anyone, as long as they have the required insurance and health department certification.”

Cassell added that prospective users include bakers, caterers and market owners looking to make prepared food.

“The construction drawings are still in progress because there’s some site prep work that needs to be done, but we’re ordering our large equipment,” she says. “We have more potential users knocking at the door, so it’s all very good news right now.”

By the time it’s completed, Cassell anticipates that Neighbors in the Strip will have spent about $335,000 on Commercial Kitchen.

Matthew Wein

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