On my way back to South Oakland, I’ll stop at the Frick Fine Arts building to check out the Exposure: Black Voices in the Arts exhibition. This show was curated by a class of Museum Studies students taught by Janet McCall. This is an amazing collection of work giving a view into black artists of and from Pittsburgh across multiple generations. There was a public call to black artists, along with the Museum Studies group researching the University of Pittsburgh’s Archives. My favorite piece in the show is by Pittsburgh legend, Dingbat.

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving. Running around Pittsburgh to visit family and friends. This is a day I don’t have to worry about running BOOM Concepts or being an artist. Watching football and stuffing my face. I’d take a SWEET POTATO PIE from any of the readers! When I return home in the evening, it’s time to prep for Black Friday Bunch.

Friday, November 27

Giving thanks doesn’t stop on Thursday. Throughout the day we will host family and friends for a second round of gathering. Part potluck, part bohemian #friendsgiving, part day party! Depending on weather, I’ll try to gather an small game of basketball or football over at Dan Marino Field. It’s always true comedy watching artists play sports.

In the evening it’s time to enjoy some jazz at Andy’s Wine Bar at the Fairmont Hotel at a performance by Anqwenique.

D.S. Kinsel

D.S. Kinsel

Saturday, November 28

After sleeping in and eating leftovers, I’ll make my way over to Artists Image Resource. The print shop is a great community resource and I am working on a resident project over the next 12 months. We are in talks with The Warhol Museum to create a series of public art pieces on the Rosa Villa building, which is located across the street from the museum. This came out of a project we collaborated on last year where I wheat pasted the first #blacklivesmatter mural in Pittsburgh, with the support of Artists Image Resource and The Warhol Museum.

In the evening it’s time to visit the Kelly Strayhorn Theater for the Suite Life Tribute Concert to Billy Strayhorn. The big dog and Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Sean Jones performs with the Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra in celebration of Billy Strayhorn’s 100th birthday at the eighth annual concert. “Lush Life” is one of my all time favorite songs and the talent that will be performing at this event is top notch. Proceeds from Suite Life will benefit the Strayhorn Legacy Fund, supporting youth and family programming at KST.

I forgot to add that sometimes I sleep!