NEXT Up: Martin Potoczny

Saturday, August 15

Early morning workout at Orangetheory Fitness in the East End, followed by a NYMBUS executive meeting. On my way to the car wash I will stop into The Vandal for an iced coffee and biscuit. I love this spot; it makes me feel like I’m back in Los Angeles. Stop at the studio to hand off a client sample then run to the Wheel Mill to talk to my brother about a project we are collaborating on and drop off my bike to be tuned. My brothers Mark and Michael designed, built and manage the facility. Then back to The Vandal for lunch and off to the Carnegie Museum of Art to check out the exhibit of new work by Jacqueline Humphries. Later tonight I’ll grab dinner with friends and hopefully relax for a minute.

Sunday, August 16

I’ll wake up early this morning and take my dog, Mr. Chainsaw—a 13-pound white Bichon—to Schenley Park, then off to brunch at Marty’s Market with my publicist Renée Sroka and friends. I’ll swing by the studio and check on a few things, and then head to the family farm to spend quality time with my family and friends. What. A. Week. Can’t wait to do it all over again.