“The relatively inexpensive cost of living, for the time being, is a benefit. If a young person can start their career here, the cost of living is a benefit.”

The report was  presented to the POISE Foundation on Feb. 15 at the Hill House. The report can be accessed online as well.

The idea is that this report won’t just “sit on the shelf,” notes Ellerbee. “It’s our hope to have future meetings this year to really double down on those research questions, to pull up some answers, and to have some legs that we can actually implement.”

To start, they created a Facebook page, called AFARA (from a Yoruba word for “bridge”).

“The goal is to promote the initiatives taking place, and the cultural and community events happening here,” says Ellerbee. “There is a social scene for African-Americans, and initiatives that are African-American-focused. We want to connect the dots so that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.”