Whether you’re a proud member of the Pittsburgh diaspora, a recent boomerang or considering moving back to the Three Rivers, you can probably relate to a few things on Matador Network‘s list of “12 Signs You’ve Been Away From Pittsburgh Too Long.”

The travel media website is the latest to take a look at the regional charms, amenities, cuisine and topography of our fair city.

Highlights from Doree Simon’s list? Your Terrible Towel is missing or destroyed; you can’t remember which Racer is faster; you’re still searching for trails that compare to Pittsburgh’s; you think Bayardstown is a nearby city; and you’ve stopped unnecessarily using your emergency break.

The piece also reminds former and future residents about Pittsburgh’s affordable and welcoming nature, and that it might just be the perfect size for a town.

Read Matador Network‘s 12 Signs You’ve Been Away From Pittsburgh Too Long.