Liberty Bridge photo by Brian Cohen

Twenty-first century Pittsburgh has traded the words soot, pollution, and smog, for education, medicine, and technology, notes the Financial Post.

Branded as “Canada’s Business Voice,” the Post just published a guide for Canadian travelers visiting Pittsburgh with the title “from Steel Town to Tech Town.”

For getting around, the Post suggests hotel shuttles or cabs to explore the city’s unique geographic landscape, “There are just too many ways to get lost in Pittsburgh,” it is noted, “with more than 400 bridges…” So true.

For those driving, asking residents for directions is recommended. “Pittsburghers are unlikely to steer you wrong—they may even lead you to your destination.” Also true.

As for great places to dine? Meat and Potatoes, Eleven and Church Brew Works all top the list. The article recommends the Westin Convention Center and Holiday Inn Express in the South Side as hotels for business travelers.

The writer suggests business travelers visit Amish Country (for its beauty) and Grove City Outlets for for savvy shopping since there’s no tax and Canadians will find stuff there for 50% less than back home.

And when it comes to business? “Hard work is a religion here and people don’t stand on ceremony,” says the writer, reaffirming that the City has maintained a “working class ethos” from our blue-collar roots. Cheers to that.

Read the Financial Post article here.

Ryan Hoffman

A recent grad of Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Ryan also has a degree in journalism. He has a passion for innovative ideas in Pittsburgh, green urban spaces, music and the...