The Architect’s Newspaper Blog highlights 11 projects in Pittsburgh they say are moving the city forward. Some, like the Tower at PNC Plaza, are a ways away from completion. But we’re already reaping the rewards from others, like the recently redone Point State Park.

They’re not all architectural. The list includes Pittsburgh Bike Share, which will debut this summer, and TalkPGH, a mobile talk show which interviewed citizens in each of Pittsburgh’s 92 neighborhoods last spring.

One that was cited was an improvement of convenience rather than altruism. The stretch of Pocusset Street that has been closed to cars and repainted for cyclist and pedestrian use was done so first and foremost because the road lacks the structural integrity to safely support vehicular traffic, and the city doesn’t currently have the money to shore up the windy hillside road. In the end, though, it’s worked out nicely for everyone.

Take a look at the entire list.