Photo courtesy City of Pittsburgh.

Mayor Bill Peduto will participate in Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” forum on Thursday night from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The following announcement appeared on the social networking site two days ago and has already prompted 83 responses.

“Candidate Bill Peduto did an AMA a year and a few months ago, and promised to do another once he became mayor. I got word that this week he’s following through on Thursday…and that several members of the administration will be participating as well.

So, if you’re interested in the workings of the city, and/or have questions for the Mayor and/or his staff, save some time Thursday night from 6pm-8pm, and come participate in the conversation.”

There is an ongoing discussion of potential questions below the post.

“I will be asking the mayor of the east if he has any intentions of connecting the southern neighborhoods to the rest of the city via bike infrastructure…”

“I’m really interested in downtown development. We have the PNC tower steadily progressing, and the Gardens and Market Square. I’d like to know about any other proposed towers or other such major developments to our skyline. What would the mayor like to see done with it?”

“I’d like to ask about how we can tear down blighted buildings and clean up more brown fields. Honestly, I think that any established business should have to escrow the funds they need to clear the lot before going out of business or moving.”

See the full list of comments here.

Follow Thursday’s forum here.

Ryan Hoffman

A recent grad of Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Ryan also has a degree in journalism. He has a passion for innovative ideas in Pittsburgh, green urban spaces, music and the outdoors. Thus far, Ryan has lived as a musician and freelance writer and works for the Hear Me project at the CREATE Lab at CMU, with hopes of changing policy based on the ideas of young people.