Mayor De Blasio roadtrip

“Call it Bill and Phil’s Excellent Adventure.”

Michael Grynbaum of the New York Times is speaking, of course, about a recent trip that New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio took with his press secretary, Phil Walzak, as an impromptu getaway this past Saturday. The destination he chose? Pittsburgh.

“Part road trip, part man date — that, by the time it ended on Sunday, encompassed a major league baseball game, Miller Lite beers at a local Elks lodge, a performance by a Johnny Cash cover band, and a visit to a wine cellar beneath a museum devoted to Roberto Clemente,” writes Grynbaum.

Their whirlwind trip began with a six-hour car ride from Gracie Mansion in NYC, included (of course) a Primanti’s sandwich, and ended less than 24 hours later back in New York, at the Climate March.

Grynbaum says, “For Mr. de Blasio, the trip was a rare chance to escape the pressures of work and family life and indulge more bachelor-like pursuits. And it offered bonding time with Mr. Walzak, who besides his official duties wrangling reporters has emerged as a close confidant.”

Even though half of the duo was rooting for the Brewers (Walzak hails from Milwaukee), we’re glad they stopped by.

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Rebekah Zook

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