Penn Avenue bike lanes. Photo courtesy of PeopleForBikes.

PeopleforBikes is excited about the country’s two-wheeled transformation in the year 2014– and overall, so is Pittsburgh.

Michael Anderson, a Green Lane Project staff writer, says that 2014 saw the development of protected bike lanes grow twice as fast as in 2013. In a best-of list, PeopleforBikes named 10 of the best new protected lanes in the country.

Pittsburgh’s Penn Avenue appears at #8 on the list, below Portland’s Multnomah Boulevard. Anderson had this to say about Penn:

“If Pittsburgh sticks with its plans, this rapidly executed project — announced in July, built by September — will become the spinal cord of a new on-street biking network that’ll link the city’s excellent riverside paths to commercial and cultural destinations downtown. Downtown business leaders lined up behind this project and Allegheny County followed too, promising connecting protected lanes on two nearby bridges. Though Penn’s not perfect, neither was the status quo — and hey, neither were you when you were four months old. Pittsburgh has always been a city of action, and that’s its style with bike lanes too.”

For a full list of winners, visit the full article.

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