Jeanine Foucher with her adopted cat Nick.
Jeanine Foucher with her adopted cat Nick.
Jeanine Foucher with her adopted cat Nick.

Last weekend’s Internet Cat Video Festival was sold-out and so popular at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont that the venue had to add an extra screening.

Need more proof that Pittsburgh is crazy for cats? Check out this piece from The Seattle Times which asks “Are You a Cat Lady?” According to new market data from Nielsen Scarborough, writer Gene Balk reports that Seattle is home to the second highest number of single women in the U.S. who live alone with at least one cat.

Now this is some serious research.

Kelly Shea / The Seattle Times
Kelly Shea / The Seattle Times

Nabbing the top (cat) spot is that other hipster PacWest mecca, Portland, proving that PDX is not just for the dogs anymore.

And because we know the anticipation is killing you, we’re happy to report that Pittsburgh ranks third in the country for the highest number of cat ladies. The article’s infographic reports that 8.7 percent of single women in Pittsburgh live with at least one cat.

According to the data, nearly one in 10 single women in the Greater Seattle area lives alone with at least one cat. In the city itself, the numbers are even higher: one in eight.

Nielsen Scarborough surveyed 400,696 respondents nationwide between February 2013 and March 2015.

The data also reveals that women are much more likely to have a pet cat than are men. Nationally, single-person cat households skew nearly 2-to-1 in favor of women.

Clea Simon, author of the book, The Feline Mystique: On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats, looks beyond the stats:

“It’s partly that society has seen women and cats together, and that’s a self-definition that we’ve picked up and that we like,” she says. Simon also points out that there are many more single women living in cities these days—in Seattle, more than 60,000 women live alone—and that cats are the perfect urban pet.

Read the entire article in The Seattle Times and see the cat map.

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