Things to do in Shadyside
L'Occitane. Photo by Tracy Certo

Pittsburgh finds its way onto a lot of “best of” lists. Publications recognize us for being livable, literate, courteous drivers and all kinds of other awesome things. Now, we’re one of America’s most walkable cities.

Smart Growth America publishes something called the Dangerous by Design report, which examines and ranks the most hazardous cities for pedestrians around the country. While the most dangerous cities grab the headline, Pittsburgh ranks as the country’s second-most walkable city.

We’re in pretty good company, too. Only Boston ranked safer, and Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Portland and Chicago all made the list. All of the most dangerous cities are in the Sunbelt, and the four deadliest are in Florida.

Read the item on StreetsBlog USA.

Matthew Wein

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