Pittsburgh ranks No. 6 (up two spots from last year) in Central Connecticut State University’s 2015 “Top 10 America’s Most Literate Cities” report.

Conducted by Dr. Jack Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University, the study reports on a key measure of America’s social health by ranking the reading habits and resources of the nation’s 75 largest cities (population 250,000 and above).

To determine its results, the study ranked cities based on research data for six key indicators of their citizens’ use of literacy: booksellers, educational attainment, Internet resources, library resources, newspaper circulation and periodical publishing resources. The information was compared against population rates in each city to develop a per capita profile of each city’s literacy.

Research for this year’s edition of the America’s Most Literate Cities report was conducted in collaboration with the Center for Public Policy & Social Research at Central Connecticut State University.

Who took the top spot? Minneapolis ranks No. 1, followed by Washington, DC, Seattle, WA, St. Paul, MN and Atlanta, GA.

Read the complete America’s Top 10 Most Literate Cities study and rankings here and here.

Jennifer BaronArts & Entertainment / Jobs Editor

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