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Anyone who has grown up or lives in Pittsburgh is used to seeing crowds pouring into local stadiums to cheer on our city’s sports teams.

The scene is similar in the Cultural Trust District on many nights as the crowds pour into Heinz Hall, the Benedum, the Byham and more. So it’s not too surprising to hear that according to figures compiled by the Cultural Data Project—and recently analyzed in depth by Cleveland’s Plain Dealer—Pittsburgh ranks very high in terms of per capita cultural attendance.

Courtesy of The Plain Dealer
Courtesy of The Plain Dealer

Steven Litt’s article, Arts attendance in Cleveland is close to New York’s on per capita basis (analysis), shows that according to a study conducted by the Philadelphia-based Cultural Data Project looking at attendance at cultural events in 11 U.S. cities in 2010, on a per capita basis, Pittsburgh ranks secondimpressively sandwiched between New York City and Philadelphia.

Courtesy of The Plain Dealer
Courtesy of The Plain Dealer

The paper’s bar chart shows that Pittsburgh’s per capita cultural attendance in 2010 was 94.4% percent of the level in New York City.

A second chart created by The Plain Dealer breaks down the 11 cities in terms of areas such as cultural attendance, number of cultural organizations and population.

The stats used for the 11-city cultural attendance comparison cited in the Plain Dealer‘s report were provided by the Cultural Data Project, and will become DataArts effective January 2016.

Other national cities making the list of top 11 cities for per capita cultural attendance include Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. Los Angeles took the number 11 spot on the list.

Read the entire article and view the data charts in The Plain Dealer.

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