Things to do in Downtown Pittsburgh
Market Square. Photo by Brian Cohen

Pittsburgh ranks eighth on a list of CNNMoney’s 10 least stressed out cities. Happy hour, anyone?

Here in Pittsburgh, we have shorter work hours and average commute times, yet employment in the region is at an all-time high, poverty is low, housing is affordable, and CNNMoney found Pittsburgh to have the lowest crime rate among the 55 places analyzed.

“There is great balance to Pittsburgh,” said Bill Flanagan of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. “It’s big enough to have a world class symphony and major professional sports teams… but at the same time it’s small enough that you can have all those things without the hassles.”

The only downside? Our health. Nearly a quarter of residents smoke, according to the CDC, and many don’t get much exercise. Flanagan says the city is taking steps to change that, such as the planned bike share program.

Salt Lake City, and Rochester, NY topped the list for least stressed out cities, while New York and Detroit ranked as the most stressed out cities. Rankings were based on five categories: economy, money, family, lifestyle and crime.

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Ryan Hoffman

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