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Pittsburgh has one of the most thriving and progressive punk scenes in America with Mind Cure Records at the heart of it, says Noisey, a music section of Vice. In its report, Noisey notes the following:

Mind Cure borrowed the name from the “once-defunct” Mind Cure Records, which released Pittsburgh’s first hardcore demo tape, Real Enemy, in 1983. Mike Seamans started the revamped Mind Cure Records in 2012, “helping to unify, document and build the scene” in Pittsburgh.

Mind Cure is best known for their yearlong singles series, which concluded in June this year and consists of 12 releases-each featuring one original song and one cover.

Prior to starting Mind Cure, Seamans owned Dear Skull Records, a small company focused on Pittsburgh punk and metal bands. He then rented a space from a friend to open a record store above Lili Coffee Shop in Polish Hill.

He caught a break when a family friend informed him of a widow who was eager to sell her late husband’s record collection. Seamans was surprised to find out the collection contained 40,000 records. He loaded them all into a single truck, which “nearly collapsed under the weight.”

After the store was operational, Seamans focused on starting a new record label rather than continuing Deer Skull. The revamped Mind Cure Records was born with the release of Real Enemy’s album, Life with the Enemy, which represents the “entire history of Pittsburgh punk.”

The label’s second release was a reissue of the 1985 Savage Amused S/T tape, which is a “hybrid between east and west coast hardcore,” and explores Pittsburgh’s hardcore scene, writes Noisey.

The third release was a 1988 demo by Police Brutality called Battered Citizens, “a great piece of crossover history that sways much heavier on the side of hardcore than it does metal.”

Seamans plans to continue to run Mind Cure as a label and shop and will release a reissue of “Pulitzer Prize winning Author Michael Chabon’s Pittsburgh punk band, The Bats,” this year.

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