Turns out it’s not just Pittsburgh that’s rooting for Randy Gilson and his longtime partner Macthe duo behind the beloved Randyland on the North Side. As of late, the two have the whole country in their corner as they battle Mac’s terminal cancer.

Last month, a GoFundMe campaign raised nearly double its goal of $10,000 to send Randy and Mac on a dream vacation to the Grand Canyon.

On Friday, NBC News released a video (above) telling one of Pittsburgh’s favorite tales: how Randy purchased his home for $10,000 on a credit card more than 20 years ago, then turned it into a makeshift gallery of murals and art, and opened it to the public for free.

As the video notes, Randy hopes to eventually turn his house into a nonprofit museum. We have a feeling that when that time comes, people will continue to have his back.

Ali Trachta

Ali Trachta joyfully returned home to Pittsburgh after a long stint at LA Weekly. Most recently she served as its online editor as well as digital strategist for its parent company, Voice Media Group, which owns seven alt-weekly newspapers. She lives in Stanton Heights with her husband and little boy.