“We approached the Fort Pitt Tunnel, and I could hardly contain my glee.”

Berry Tramel, a sports columnist for NewsOK and native Oklahoman, was excited to reunite with Pittsburgh after two years apart.

“And then you enter the Fort Pitt Tunnel, which is 1.1 miles of freeway that bores through Mount Washington. Exit the tunnel, and it’s like the scene in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ when the gang first sees the Emerald City. There’s the spectacular view of Pittsburgh’s skyline, and then the three mighty rivers, and the two gorgeous ballparks. The New York Times has called the Fort Pitt Tunnel ‘the best way to enter an American city’,” writes Tramel.

Tramel and his wife had flown into Pittsburgh to attend some interviews in Morgantown, but were planning on returning to our “Emerlad City” to end their trip with an OU-WVU game.

During their stay, Tramel hit up familiar sites like the Duquesne Incline, Heinz Field and Sarafino’s. Not only did they attend popular attractions, but Tramel writes as if he went out of his way to understand Pittsburgh and its people.

“Sitting a few tables away [at Sarafino’s] was a man in his 60s in a Roberto Clemente jersey. I wanted to ask if Clemente was his boyhood hero. You know how Oklahoma kids now have sporting heroes like Durant and Westbrook and Ibaka? Pittsburgh kids have had heroes like that for a century, none bigger than Clemente.”

Perhaps most stunning, however, is a non-native (an Oklahoman, no less) practically praising our street system, instead of cursing it all the way out 279 West.

“We drove through a variety of neighborhoods to see more of the city, and driving Pittsburgh is a blast. No four-way intersections. Very few streets that stay straight more than 200 feet. Lots of curves. Lots of hills. I was one mile from downtown Pittsburgh, but at times it felt like driving the Pacific Northwest or the Ozarks. Great old houses with character,” he writes.

We appreciate the new perspective. We’ll use that from now on.

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Rebekah Zook

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