Kristin Saunders

NEXT Up: Kristin Saunders

"I love riding through the Strip at any time of the day, but especially during the commuting hours when I share the street with so many other cyclists on their way to work—it really feels like I am part of a community."

Top 10 Pittsburgh events not to miss in August

Rain be gone: this August, we give you 10 great reasons to experience something new over the next steamy 31 days: make the scene at a posh picnic, try vegan fare, ride a scooter, find out why #PghIsFunny and much more.

NEXT Up: Scott Bricker

Scott Bricker is the executive director of BikePGH, an organization whose mission is to make Pittsburgh's streets and communities safer and more accessible for biking and walking. He was a cofounder of the orga...

Scott Bricker on lessons from Copenhagen

Copenhagaen's biking infrastructure is incredibly bold yet quite simple, says Scott Bricker who talks about what that city does so well and what Pittsburgh could do better.