Eric Singer
Pyrotopia 2012

Artist and art and technology engineer Eric Singer, founder/producer of Pyroptopia, and executive director of LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, shares his itinerary for the week of May 5 in NEXT Up.

Let’s face it: 90% of this week will be spent getting ready for Pyrotopia. The other 90% will be spent keeping the rest of my life from falling apart:

Monday: I’ll spend 4-5 hours in the coffee shop that serves as my office, Coffee Tree Roasters in Squirrel Hill.  Fortunately this evening, I’m off to rehearse with Morph Illogical, my improv duo, at Catapult Pgh in Lawrenceville, the only time I get to blissfully switch off all other parts of my brain except the improv section.

Tuesday: Another morning meeting (at Make Your Mark artspace & coffeehouse in Point Breeze) for logistics this time, where we figure out every single thing that needs to happen for the big day. Then I’ll head to AlphaLab, another co-working spot, in East Liberty and try to get some “real job” work done – electronics and software for Disney Imagineering.

Wednesday: By today, I’ll need to get coffee with my PGH-BFF Amy at Commonplace in Squirrel Hill. We will spend an hour talking each other down off our respective ledges. Then, off to Tula Salon in Squirrel Hill to add some orange “flames” hair styling. In the evening, I have to finish the software for “Smoke Screen,” Pyrotopia installation #3.

Thursday: I’ll get a few hours in learning everything I can about “spin-echo” for a newly acquired MRI programming gig, which will take place at a hospital in Detroit.

Friday: Pyrotopia setup, all day, all night. I will warn my staff that I’m going to turn into Mr. Hyde throughout the day, but that they shouldn’t take it personally.

Saturday: Normally, when producing an event, one runs around putting out fires. Well…  By midnight, I will be fried but hopefully very happy with the results. Afterwards, a party with the artists and crew.

Sunday: Life gets back to “normal.” Dust off the saxophone for some garage rock with Th’ Royal Shakes in Lawrenceville, with Zombo and friends. By Sunday night, I will be planning my next harebrained scheme.

Photo by Renee Rosensteel

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