When Scott Schuman launched The Sartorialist in 2006, he set the standard for a new genre of fashion photography—the street style—and quickly became one of the most popular blogs. Many other street style blogs followed suit and this month, our city’s very own KeepPittsburghDope launched to document the diverse and unique fashion in our streets.

Chancelor Humphrey started the project with a feed on Instagram that quickly grew to over 3,000 followers. “I was apprehensive and not sure how people would receive it. But people were really engaged early on,” he says.

When Schuman started The Sartorialist, he did so “with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.” That is precisely the model that Humphrey works from. “I love how he captured people in everyday settings. It was more than the fashion, it was capturing someone’s attitude.”

Humphrey’s work has captured individuals from many neighborhoods in the city. How does he pick his subject? “It’s hard to say. There is just something that captivates me about that person. I see something that hits me, and I capture that point in time. And often, their personal style and attitude is evident in that one frame.”

Here are a few street style shots that are emblematic of KeepPittsburghDope’s portraits.


Humphrey will showcase more of his photography on November 29th at Runaway Studios in Bloomfield in a show called “The Pittsburgh Woman.”

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