The Where To Turn Resource Fair is your connection to hard-to-find services for caregivers.

If you’re a caregiver for someone but don’t know how to find the right help – and affordable help at that – the bi-annual Where To Turn Resource Fair on May 13 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center may provide much needed connections to Pittsburgh’s social-service community.

Spring’s event will connect you with local companies and let you hear speakers pertinent to what you need as a caregiver.

Erin Hart, director of health benefit services for the American HealthCare Group, which runs the fair, calls it a one-stop shop for teachers, social workers and family members of caregivers to find the right services.

“It’s for anybody who has needs, and they might not know the source of their solution,” Hart says. Parents of special-needs children, for instance, “are bombarded by the biggest companies in the market” through television ads. “But the nonprofits, they might not have an advertising budget. This levels the field. A small company can come and talk about what they have to offer.”

One big trend she sees is services that take care of the caregiver. “It can be very stressful work,” Hart notes, “keeping that person well so they can do that work more effectively and efficiently.” And of course the use of high-tech is forever changing, from new automated alert systems (far beyond those advertised with “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”), to new websites that help you track health and learn new caregiving hints

The speakers will address such topics as “Coordinating Care for a Loved One online,” “Inflammation & Food Choices,” “Aromatherapy & Wellness” and “Relaxation on the Run.”

“We’re striving for people to take charge of their own health,” Hart says, “and to be self-sufficient by knowing what resources are out there in Pittsburgh.”

Marty Levine

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