Adam Shuck

Adam Shuck is president and CEO of Eat That, Read This, a daily lunchtime e-newsletter that snarks through the good, the bad and the weird in Pittsburgh happenings. Adam lives in Lawrenceville with his partner Matt.

Monday, February 16

For not being a “morning person,” lately I’m finding myself getting up pretty early on weekdays in order to get cracking on Eat That, Read This, which is delivered to your inbox just in time for lunch. Around 5:30 or 6 a.m. I’m taking the dogs out, making coffee and drafting the day’s newsletter based on news articles, tweets, photos and other miscellany I saved up from the previous evening—all before heading in to my job at the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center, housed in the former Darlington Library in the Cathedral of Learning.

If I can squeeze it in, after work I’m planning to check out the final day of the Carnegie Museum of Art’s retrospective of photographer Duane Michals. I caught a glimpse of it a couple months ago on my way to my favorite part of the Museum of Natural History—the Hall of Minerals and Gems, but I want to go back for a second look. I’m into his surreal, queer aesthetic in sequenced narratives—his stuff feels tragic, hilarious or both at the same time.

And Mondays are half-priced tacos at Round Corner Cantina, so duh.

Tuesday, February 17

After a website redesign Drupal training at work, I’m preparing the Center for the first of several public lectures from our visiting scholar Robert Hariman, a communications professor at Northwestern University: at 5 p.m. he’ll deliver a talk titled “Photographic Realism and the Imagination.”

It’s Tuesday night! Dinner is probably some sort of take-out—and I pretty much hate my life this time of year when Pusadee’s Garden, Pittsburgh’s best Thai restaurant, is closed. And though disappointed that it’s not an Is You Stupid or Somethin’!? Trivia Tuesday hosted by Ava Lanche night, I’ll still probably end up at Blue Moon on Butler Street … probably staying later than I’d intended, drinking a bit more than I’d intended.

Wednesday, February 18

Wednesday I’ll be popping in to a happy hour at Franktuary to benefit Tree Pittsburgh, so I’ll down a hot dog and a pale ale or two … and shortly thereafter pick out a case of something everyone can agree on at Beer on Butler en route to Victor’s place in Friendship to watch Broad City with the gayng (which will, of course, involve ordering several pizzas from Fazio’s).

Thursday, February 19

After work on Thursday, Matt and I may grab drinks and dinner at Salud—I’ll probably order the lechón because that’s what I always get there and I’m not all that adventurous? And afterwards I’ll head over to ModernFormations Gallery on Penn Avenue for The New Yinzer Presents reading.

Friday, February 20

Friday evening I’m getting my regular haircut at Pageboy Salon & Boutique from owner and head stylist Dana, who keeps me looking like myself. From there it’s an open question: do Matt and I make the drive out to (shudder) Monroeville for Udipi, the hands-down best Indian food in the metro area? Do we head downtown to check out the group show Unloaded at SPACE Gallery and then grab dinner and drinks at The Commoner? Or should we just go to Taco Bell (the one on the North Side at Allegheny and Ridge, you know what I’m talking about)? Either way I’ll probably end up at the Strangeways dance party at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern to close out the night.

Saturday, February 21

Saturday means sleeping in, full stop. But probably also walking over to La Gourmandine (that almond croissant) and making some final decisions on materials for our ongoing house renovation project—we’ve partnered with the architects at the Studio for Spatial Practice, who have been fantastic. I may get the urge to cross a river to check into Spaces Corners, the photobook gallery recently relocated to Troy Hill—their shop is full of sunlight and serene (and they have an amazing view of the Allegheny River and Lawrenceville from their back window). If it’s not prohibitively cold out, we’ll take our dogs Henry and Yuki to the Bernard Dog Run down along the Allegheny Riverfront trail before it gets dark.

For several hours during the evening I’ll be napping, because we have a late night planned. First we’ll be swinging by the Man’DANCE show at Thunderbird, somewhat specifically to see Troxum perform. After, we’ll head to our home away from home, Hot Mass (or Honcho when it’s the first Saturday of the month), where we catch up with friends while dancing and sweating at the best after-hours party in town. It always blows my mind the talent that this crew brings to Pittsburgh, and the quality of both the music and the community that’s grown around it has spoiled me. This Saturday features Pittsburgh Track Authority and the Pittsburgh debut of Specter. By the time the sun comes up, we’re making our way back home to crash.

Sunday, February 22

After catching some precious hours of sleep, Matt and I will meet up with Paz and Michelle for a hearty, teutonic brunch on the North Side at Max’s Allegheny Tavern. Because we deserve it. The rest of the day will probably involve Netflix, playing with the dogs and dozing on the couch recovering from the night before—and, of course, scouring the internet for Monday’s issue of Eat That, Read This.

Jennifer has worked at the Mattress Factory, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Dahesh Museum of Art and is co-author of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania. She also is co-coordinator of Handmade Arcade. Musically, she is in a band called The Garment District and is a founding member of Brooklyn's The Ladybug Transistor.