Josh Huber
Josh Huber

After joining Lyft in 2016 to lead marketing in Philadelphia, Josh Huber recently returned home to manage the Pittsburgh market. Responsible for Lyft’s regional growth and operations, Josh is passionate about connecting with drivers, passengers and the business community, and “works daily to reduce personal car ownership.” Raised in Gibsonia “when it was still farmland,” Josh lives with his partner on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

What upcoming events are you excited to attend?

The market leaders from Lyft around the country get together once a quarter, and I always look forward to that event (in San Francisco). It’s great to hear the transportation opportunities that exist across all our country’s great cities — and then integrate these best practices into what we’re doing in Pittsburgh.

I have yet to attend a Pirates’ game this season, so that’s definitely an event I’m excited to attend!

Best part of your job?

Easily our driver community. Having the privilege to speak with these men and women at driver appreciation events we’ve done in the city has been really fun — and inspiring. Hearing about the ways that Lyft is able to drive them toward their goals is incredible, and they share so many great stories of life behind the wheel.

What’s your big idea for Pittsburgh?

Growing up just north of the city, I can remember a Pittsburgh where traveling between different neighborhoods was really challenging if you were unwilling or unable to drive; I don’t want that Pittsburgh to exist ever again. I’d love to see our Downtown streets move more efficiently. I want every underserved community to have access to transportation — whenever and wherever it is needed. I want transportation in this city to encourage us to explore neighborhoods we never thought of or knew about. Big picture: I want getting around Pittsburgh to be easy and accessible for everyone.

Josh Huber
Josh (left) leading a panel hosted by General Assembly in NYC on being LGBT in the technology space.

How is Lyft working to become a more integral part of Pittsburgh neighborhoods and the larger community?

We’re currently in talks with numerous local partners to help them solve pickup and drop-off issues. Current and potential partners range from some of our many interesting local breweries around town to organizers of fundraisers and special events, and busy venues throughout the area.

We’re also investing in getting more drivers on the road. More drivers on the road means better service to all of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

How do you see Lyft connecting with local innovation?

We’ve worked closely with the city to innovate solutions for transportation issues (such as pickup and drop-off locations during St. Patrick’s Day), and we’re working with partners to help make transportation more accessible. We recently offered free ride codes for the March for Our Lives event in Pittsburgh, for instance. Collaborating to find innovative ways to solve local transportation challenges is where we have the most impact.

What’s one thing you’d place in a Pittsburgh time capsule?

An Eat’n Park Strawberry Pie.

Favorite Pittsburgh brewery?

I found 11th Hour Brewing Co. by accident and love their beer, especially the jalapeno pale ale.

How does Lyft distinguish itself in a city known for self-driving cars?

Lyft is bullish about self-driving, and we’re proud of our continuing work in the space. That said, I’m proud to be on the ground in Pittsburgh focusing on the needs of our drivers and passengers. In real-time and every single day, we are working to create the best possible experience for both drivers and passengers. That’s how I distinguish Lyft in this city.

If you could expand the T to one neighborhood, where would it go?


Ideal date night in Pittsburgh?

Apteka has great food and wine but isn’t too stuffy. Love the vibe.

Podcast you’re addicted to?

Recode Decode — Kara Swisher is hilarious and asks tough questions for the tech space. I’m a huge fan!

Josh Huber
Josh, who is an avid traveler, on a recent trip to Ecuador.

You need a drink. Where do you go?

The Park House is a neighborhood gem.

Where will we find you on a Sunday morning?

On a walk through my neighborhood on the North Side.

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