Christiane Leach

Award-winning multimedia artist Christiane Leach, artist relations coordinator for Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, shares her packed itinerary for the week of June 2nd in NEXT Up. Catch up with Christiane as she leads Pittsburgh’s inaugural Complaint Choir, as part of the international project, Complaint Choirs of the World, during the upcoming Three Rivers Arts Festival, and various points around town. In between, Christiane can also be found recording Amor Fati, a new four-album series supported by an Advancing the Arts Grant.

From Christiane: I wake up in my best friend’s (Phat Man Dee) house and start each morning with either walking my furry friend, Rocco, or letting him out in the yard. Enjoy the crisp quiet morning. I try to do a round of yoga/exercise/meditation. I have one cup of coffee and post the word of the day and a provocative quote on my Facebook page. Early morning is when I tend to communicate with my fellow collaborators about upcoming personal art projects. My days are outlined in bullet points, because it’s the only way to keep all the spinning plates organized.

•    Promote the soft launch of the Hill District 100 housing initiative (June 12th at the Kaufmann Auditorium) to individual artists
•    Send in the Art on the Walls exhibition description for the July Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District
•    Go over last details for the CreatorsMakersTeachers Admin Salon at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
•    Backstage Bar for jazz, food and some writing
•    Rehearsal for Complaints n’At Choir at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
•    Rehearse songs for the upcoming recording of my new album, Amor Fati, at the Church Studios in Overbrook
•    Walk Rocco in McKinley Park and give him a special treat because our schedule is going to be off during the Three Rivers Arts Festival and he gets sulky

•    Meet with the Office of Public Art and go over any last details for the Complaints N’at Choir
•    Meet with designer Suz Pisano to have clothing items properly hemmed and to reconfigure my bat wing costume, an idea for my upcoming album, Amor Fati.
•    Attend the Three Rivers Arts Festival preview party at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Education Center
•    Complaints Choir rehearsal and meet the press

•    Go to the Market Square Farmer’s Market and get vegetables and plants
•    Attend the Reflective Locations Storytelling Ice Cream Social with curator DS Kinsel, participating artists and moderator Majestic Lane
•    Reconnect with artists and friends about upcoming Indiegogo campaign
•    Go over check list for Complaints n’At Choir needs for performances

•    First Complaints n’At Choir performance at the T Station on Stanwix Street Downtown
•    Rehearse songs for the upcoming recording of my new album, Amor Fati, at the Church Studios in Overbrook

•    Read Verbal Kung Fu on my kindle
•    Connect with Gena about our upcoming Art Chicks Yard Sale (Saturday, June 21st, at 110 South 11th Street on the South Side)
•    Second Complaints n’At Choir performance at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center Riverfront Plaza Downtown

•    Connect with artist Will Schlough about my mother’s special 70th birthday gift
•    Third Complaints n’At Choir performance at the Three Rivers Arts Festival Stanwix Stage Downtown

•    Send out the isART blog, a weekly artist blog focused on issues, news and opportunities relevant to artists of all disciplines in Southwestern PA
•    Fourth Complaints n’At Choir performance at City-County Building Portico Downtown
•    Go to Eclispse Lounge in Lawrenceville for Interval Jazz performance
•    Schedule Complaints n’At Choir party

Photo by Christiane Leach

Jennifer Baron

Jennifer has worked at the Mattress Factory, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Dahesh Museum of Art and is co-author of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania. She also is co-coordinator...