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Gisele Fetterman, founder of the Braddock Freestore, where surplus and donated goods are received and then redistributed to neighbors in need, shares her plans for the week of July 28th, including her favorite breakfast spots and hosting a same sex wedding in her family’s loft. A holistic nutritionist, clinical aromatherapist and lactivist, Gisele offers such services free of cost to the residents of Braddock. 
Also the First Lady of Braddock, PA, Gisele and her husband John (the town’s Mayor) have three young children: Karl (5), Grace (3) and August (3 months).

Monday, July 28th
6 a.m.: Bikram Yoga @ Bikram Squirrel Hill.  
8 a.m.: Breakfast at our favorite spot, Square Café, with the crew.  We are fortunate that we are able to have breakfast every day as a family.
9:30 a.m.: Regular COSTCO donation pickup and distribution of food to local families.
11 a.m.: Meeting with Robert & Elizabeth of Land Art Generator where they will be setting up an anemometer at the roof of Superior Motors in Braddock.  
2 p.m.: Children’s Museum with the kids – one of their favorite places ever!
6 p.m.: Union Pig & Chicken for the best BBQ in town (veggie BBQ too)

Tuesday, July 29th
8 a.m.: Breakfast at Panera with Miss Joanie (Employee of the decade!), Waterfront – the kids love to run around the fountain, make wishes and feed the birds.
9 a.m.: Costco pickup up of donated food to be distributed at the FreeStore later in the day.  We have morning pick ups of deli and baked goods nearly every day.  
5:30 p.m.: Squonk Opera will be hosting two shows and a workshop in the 600 block of Braddock Ave. Free and open to everyone!  We are huge fans of Squonk and are just delighted to have them in Braddock.

Wednesday, July 30th
Date morning with the bestie, Leah Lizarondo, to finalize details of our joining (natural health) forces! We have a 10:30 a.m. Salt Cave session at Peace, Love & Zen followed by fresh, cold pressed juice at the Pittsburgh Juice Company – the carrot/ apple/ ginger is addictive.
4 p.m.: Date with the husband, starting at the Brew Gentlemen for some local Braddock Beer (their chai wheat beer is the best beer I’ve ever had) and PGH Taco Truck Tacos … the vegan chorizo is just amazing!
8 p.m. Heading over to Kinetic Theatre Company to watch our dear friend, Patrick Jordan, in Romance.

Thursday, July 31st
8 a.m. Pamela’s (Strip District) for breakfast
9 a.m. Frick Park off leash eash date with Kale the dog and Blue Slide with the kids.
11:30 a.m.: Tour of the new Braddock artist lofts with the Post-Gazette. Back at the FreeStore from 1 to 2:30 p.m.
4 p.m.: Karl’s Kung Fu class at Shaolin Studios. He’s almost an orange belt!

Friday, August 1st
10 a.m.: Aviary trip with the kids who are always hoping to get pooped on so they can get a button.
3 p.m.: Heading down to the water jets at PPG Place so the kids (and the adults) can get in on some water f followed by the best sushi around at Sushi Tomo. John loves their Volcano Rolls and the kids and I stick with the veggie rolls.

Saturday, August 2nd
7:30 a.m.: We are back at the Square Cafe in Regent Square – the almond milk, blueberry/ banana smoothie is my favorite.
10:30 a.m.: Visit to Pittsburgh Bloomfield Market for lots of fresh and local goodies.
12 p.m.: Our daughter Grace’s Samba class at the Pittsburgh Dance Center.
1 p.m.: Braddock Farmstand for organic produce grown just one block from our loft .. now that’s local!
4 p.m.: Hosting a wedding at our loft. John’s 18th same sex wedding – hooray for equality!

Sunday, August 3rd
9 a.m.: Whole Foods and East End Co-op to stock up for the week (thanks Co-op for supporting the Braddock Youth Project for the entire month of July. You rock!).
12 p.m.: Big Jim’s for lunch. I love their veggie hoagie and John, their Reuben.
5 p.m.: We are off to Weather Permitting at Shadyside Nursery for some music, food trucks and lots of kid activities.
Photo by Matthew Hodgman 

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