Josh Aderholt
Josh Aderholt

In January, NEXTpittsburgh reported that Lawrenceville will soon gain its first hotel in years. This week, we catch up with Josh Aderholt, a 12-year resident of Lawrenceville, and principal of The Century Group, developer and operator of the TRYP by Wyndham Pittsburgh/Lawrenceville hotel. Born and raised in Wheeling, W. Va., Josh — who has also lived in Warsaw, Poland, and Lviv, Ukraine — received his MBA from CMU.

Pennsylvania’s first TRYP, the 108-room hotel will involve an adaptive reuse of The Washington Education Center on 40th St., and will feature a rooftop space open to the public. Slated to open in early 2019, TRYP is teaming up with Kate Romane Productions of Black Radish Kitchen to develop the hotel’s two restaurants.

What upcoming events are you excited to attend?

I’m looking forward to some tastings we have scheduled in June as part of our menu design process. Also, OpenStreetsPGH — the first iteration arrived just as the kids were learning to ride, and it’s been a highlight of our year ever since.

Best part of your job?

I spend a lot of time working with spreadsheets, loan documents, leases and the like. With the TRYP by Wyndham Pittsburgh/Lawrenceville project, it’s been a real treat to work with some of the designers and artists — such as Casey Droege, Aaron Henderson and Jake Marsico — who I’ve admired and gotten to know socially over the years.

Josh Aderholt
Josh Aderholt

What does Lawrenceville need that it doesn’t have? What’s missing there? (Besides a hotel!)

I can’t promise that I’d be a daily customer, but a donut shop would be great. Our coffee to donut ratio is off.

What do you plan on doing to be a good neighbor to residents?

We look forward to supporting local events that make Lawrenceville such a great neighborhood — the 4th of July celebration, Artist Studio Tours, Dooh Dah Days/Nights … We’ll also be making our event/meeting space available for community meetings for groups like Lawrenceville United.

What is your big idea for Pittsburgh?

I’d love to see a commuter rail line along the Allegheny. The tracks are there; we just need enough will from the right folks.

Favorite Pittsburgh brewery?

I’m a big fan of Roundabout Brewery at the corner of Butler and 49th streets — great beer, great people, great atmosphere. I’d be lost without them!

Podcast you’re addicted to?

I recently listened to my first podcast — Cocaine & Rhinestones — and I loved it. It’s stories from the history of 20th-century country music.

Your not-so-secret Pittsburgh spot?

I’m a lifelong acolyte of Vincent’s Pizza Park on Ardmore Boulevard. The atmosphere is less “distinctive” than it once was, but the pizza remains fantastic.

Favorite Pittsburgh athlete, living or dead?

Like most hockey players of my generation, Mario is #1.

We arrive for dinner. What’s on the menu?

Roast chicken and potatoes, garden tomato salad, and homemade galette with cherries from our backyard tree.

Last photo you took on your phone?

My 10-month-old daughter, Rosie.

If you could expand the T to one neighborhood, where would it go?

The T already has an alternate line that runs through Allentown. It would be great if that line were active on a regular schedule.

Tryp Hotel
Tryp Hotel image courtesy of The Century Group.

You need a drink. Where do you go?

Brillobox is my local — and will probably always be my go-to — bar.

Are you planning to develop more projects or buildings here?

In spite of the recent development surge, there remain many underutilized or vacant sites in the city — even in Lawrenceville — and we are always looking for opportunities. But we don’t have any concrete plans at the moment.

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