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Nathan Martin

Nathan is the CEO of Deeplocal, a CMU spinout and award-winning studio known for its innovation in the ad industry. Prior to founding Deeplocal in 2006, Nathan was a founding member of an art group and a touring punk/metal band and spoke, toured and exhibited internationally.

Monday, June 15

Oh the start of another week. We have a busy summer at Deeplocal, so every week is pretty full with meetings, pitches and interviews. I’ll start off the week with a trip from my home in Morningside (a neighborhood that is home to a number of Deeplocal team members) to our office in the Strip District. I’ll walk by the guys at Yinzers rolling out their tables of black and gold everything and say hello as I listen to the metal blasting from the speakers of Penn Avenue Fish Company (I’ll enjoy this). I’ll give a quick intro. to the week in our Monday morning meeting where I’ll share what we’re launching, pitching on and delivering. From there I’ll dive into my day. I’ll likely skip lunch on Monday as most everywhere in the Strip is closed and I incorrectly assume that by not eating lunch I’ll save calories (I’ll prove this thought wrong later that night as I snack my way to sleep). After work, I’ll take a trip to the home I’m renovating with my wife and co-worker Heather in Fox Chapel. Yes I will be living outside of the City in not too long. My apologies City, I still love you.

Tuesday, June 16

Tuesday my workday will be full of highs and lows as usual but I’ll likely get lunch since it’s now Tuesday and not Monday. I’ll probably hit up Edgar’s Tacos for a couple of amazing fish tacos before heading back to the office. After work I’ll probably be thinking about hamburgers (this is common) and head over to Applewood Smoke Burger Company in Highland Park where I’ll crack yet another joke to the owner about his non-existent sign. He’ll claim it’s on its way from China. Hamburgers.

Wednesday, June 17

Today is a good day. I’ll probably see some fun local friends in the studio. We’re working with Pat Jordan of Barebones Productions on a project for our client Netflix. I’ll likely see Pat’s smiling face in the office for a few moments as he talks with my coworkers. There’s a good chance that Mr. Pete Spynda himself may show up with his awesome dog Hunter. Pete runs Pandemic and DJs around town. All of us are Pittsburgh old heads so we get along and reminisce. Pete helps us out with our side project Bayardstown Social Club (a member’s only drinking/campfire/grilling club in the Strip). Lunch may be a little lighter with a salad at Cafe Raymond, one of my favorite lunch places to eat in the City.

Thursday, June 18

Today we’ll have a job candidate in town from NYC. We have a lot of job openings right now so it’s not uncommon to have someone visiting from out of town. I’ll sell Pittsburgh as hard as I can but I’ve learned that ultimately their impression of the city depends on what the weather is like on the day of a visit more than anything I say. I’ll take the candidate to lunch somewhere like Kaya. After work, we’ll stop for drinks at Bar Marco. It’s at this point where I’ll wonder if anything is going on and if I should actually be doing something other than going home. Then I’ll likely go home. End of day.

Friday, June 19

Lunchtime could prove interesting. We now have haircuts and manicures at lunchtime for Deeplocal staff. We use a variety of people but we’ve had The Humble Barber and Graham’s Barbershop cut hair from our office. Maybe I’ll get a haircut. We’ve had Jason and Mel from Artisan Tattoo in before for tattoos, so haircuts and manicures won’t seem strange to anyone at Deeplocal. After work, I’ll head over to Bayardstown for happy hour. The Meridian Brothers will be performing and Brassero Grill will be providing some food. I’ll likely spend the night there with Heather and some friends and go home smelling like campfire (which some people now pay for).

Saturday, June 20

I’ll start out with a coffee from Tazza D’Oro. Hopefully I’ll be ambitious and walk there from Morningside rather than drive. If I have the time, I’ll head over to the Attic Record Store in Millvale, where I’ll be embarrassed about the amount of records I will purchase (which will primarily consist of material from ’90s bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, since I only listen to the music I liked in high school). After that I’ll likely head out to band practice.

Yes, band practice. I haven’t said that in about 15 years but my old band, Creation is Crucifixion, is playing a one-time reunion in Arizona in July so I’m trying to retrain my voice so I can relive the glory days. Practice will require driving to Crafton where our gracious practice space host will be Sharon Bascovsky, lead singer of the mostly female death metal band Derketa. I’ll likely destroy the sh*t out of my throat and leave with little ability to speak—so most of my afternoon will be shot.

In the evening I may try to actually do something social. My favorite bar in Pittsburgh is still D’s SixPax & Dogz (wow that is uncomfortable to spell) in my favorite neighborhood, Regent Square. I’ll head to D’s with Heather and late at night I’ll quickly make sure is still up and running, as it will be likely the last night of the summer marketing campaign for Old Navy. All’s good, time for bed.

Sunday, June 21

Heather and I will be packing most of the morning for a late afternoon flight to Nice, France for the 2015 Cannes Lions advertising festival. Heather and I will meet some of our clients from Google, Netflix and Nike. The next week will be spent in southern France, so not a bad week to come.

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