Rebecca Himberger

Rebecca Himberger, Executive Director of Attack Theatre, shares her lively itinerary, including turning the big 3-0, for the week of June 16th in NEXT Up. Rebecca is a proud Lawrenceville resident, proficient knitter, black-thumbed gardener, obsessive dog mother, motorcyclist and lover/harsh critic of the arts.

Tuesdays start bright and early with yoga at the Yoga Hive on Penn Avenue. Followed immediately with a gallon of incredible coffee from Commonplace Voluto Coffee.  I have a buncha fun fiscal year end meetings that day, but I am having lunch with a friend in the Strip District. We’re likely going to Reyna’s because it’s delicious and the peanut butter salsa sounds awful but tastes like the most Pittsburgh piece of heaven you can imagine. I might also go to the Thunderbird in Lawrenceville for happy hour because duh.

On Wednesday, Michele de la Reza (Artistic Director of Attack Theatre) and I are going to see Phillip Phillips (and O.A.R., apparently) at Stage AE on the Northside. AT’s music director/composer/cellist, Dave Eggar, has been touring and recording with Phillips this past year. I will certainly have to brush up on my contemporary pop knowledge for this show. Is American Idol still on television? Where is Paula Abdul’s cartoon cat? These are some of the things I hope to have answered by the end of the night.

Thursdays are the toughest for me because I have my bowling league at 9:15 p.m. at my neighborhood lanes, Arsenal (through PSL). It’s important to note that our team name is Bowlamalu—and that Troy hasn’t responded to invites for him to be our alternate. So all day on Thursday, I have to pretend to not be thinking about sweet ’90s jams, pitchers of Yuengling and bowling with three of my favorite people (it could be four, Troy. It could be four).

On Friday, the better parts of the Himberger family come into town and we have reservations at Avenue B for dinner. Yes, I know it’s been open for a while and most people know how great it is and there are so many new restaurantsbut holy moly is it terrific. Chris Bonfili, the chef/owner, is not only a genius with the menu, but is also a totally rad guy. Go there often, and eat all the things. After that, I am probably going to bed super early because…

Saturday. Oh, Saturday. I turn 30 on Saturday. Plan (ever so briefly): Wake up super early and go golfing with Dad and brother. Finish in time to eat so much sushi at Tokyo Buffet out in the ‘burbs. After coma-inducing amounts of sushi have been consumed, go straight to Laser Storm Pittsburgh and beat all the little kids thinking an old lady can’t shoot lasers like a 10-year-old boy. Run home, shower (maybe…) and have a party for all friends/lovers/family at my house. Things this party better include: fire pit, cornhole, crafting, food, sweet ’90s jams, and lots of references to how I misspent my youth.

Sunday: brunch at Zenith on the South Side. Because there is no greater hangover cure than an $11 vegan buffet. Around 9 p.m. that day, I will be sad that Game of Thrones is over. But I won’t spend too much time thinking about it because I’ll be rocking out to Sonny Landreth at Hartwood Acres (read: 30-year-old rocking out means blanket, light picnic foods, three dogs and lots of head-swaying).

Monday! I will be surprised that I made it to 30 years and two days. Then I will promptly spend the better part of the day preparing for a meeting with my bosses (the board of Attack Theatre). Afterward, I really hope to go to No-Menu Monday at Bar Marco. Mostly because those boys and their restaurants are lovely, and cocktails after board meetings with board members is the best way to end a Monday.

Tuesday is Attack Theatre’s annual “We’re on a Boat!” event. Thanks to the fine folks at Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises, we get to hang out with 110 really awesome folks upon The Fantasy whilst we sip cocktails, try to remember the lyrics to the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song, and sail around one of the best parts of this city: the Point. Last year, after the boat, we went to Franktuary as our end-of-fiscal year hotdog eating party. We were tired, windblown, and a little seasick, but the hotdogs and company were terrific.

Jennifer has worked at the Mattress Factory, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Dahesh Museum of Art and is co-author of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania. She also is co-coordinator of Handmade Arcade. Musically, she is in a band called The Garment District and is a founding member of Brooklyn's The Ladybug Transistor.