Scott Bricker

Scott Bricker is the executive director of BikePGH, an organization whose mission is to make Pittsburgh’s streets and communities safer and more accessible for biking and walking. He was a cofounder of the organization in 2002, and has been at the helm for the past nine years. This Friday marks the start of their 10th Annual BikeFest, a three-week-long celebration of bicycling with more than 100 events, most free and open to the public.

This is a week typically packed with anxiety as BikePGH makes one last push to wrap up planning for our big BikeFest annual fundraiser party. This week I’m sure will be no different, but thankfully we now have reliable staff and volunteers to do most of the heavy lifting.

My wife, Lena, and I will be flying back tonight from Chicago (from my brother’s wedding) and picking up takeout from Tram’s in Bloomfield on our way back into the city. We’re big fans of their fresh rolls, their pho, and fried rice with vegetables. After dinner: watch Game of Thrones, hoping that nothing in the show happens at BikeFest.

Meet with my staff to see how preparations are coming along for the party, and gauge everyone’s schedule in order to try to get as much help for my event and volunteer staff as possible.  Noon: Sneak out and get a haircut at close-by Mister so I don’t look disheveled for the big night. The price is right and they give their customers a complimentary beverage while they wait. Tuesday night: try to relax and read a book to keep my mind from worrying about BikeFest.

Breakfast meeting at 8 at Commonplace with our board president to strategize for the month.  At 11, give a talk at CMU about leadership to a group of graduate students who aspire to lead various things.

I cleared my schedule to make sure I’m available to my staff to help with schlepping everything to the Pittsburgh Opera. 12:30pm: meet Lena for tacos at Edgar’s Tacqueria in the Strip.  Next spring, she will be able to use bikeshare to get there from her downtown office, but for now she will be riding the 87. Anytime you make your schedule public you want to make sure you have some sort of workout in there to emphasize your impressive physical fitness.  At 7 pm I’ll work out at Muv Physical Culture. Lucky for me, strenuous exercise is the best medicine for anxiety, which I will probably be experiencing in all of its heart-and-brain-racing glory Thursday night.  After working out, we will go to Butterjoint to eat one of the best hamburgers in Pittsburgh.  Does this negate the workout?  I don’t think so.

That night I’m going to Quantum Theatre’s Tamara at Rodef Shalom with Lena, which will be a terrific distraction from worrying about BikeFest.  We’ve had season tickets for years and never miss their outstanding plays.

Starting at 8AM, I will be at the Pittsburgh Opera helping to get ready for the BikeFest Party. The VIP Party goes from 6-8pm and will feature small plates from a handful of some of the best chefs in Pittsburgh. From 8-midnight is the main event, and typically erupts in a huge dance party. Come out and learn about BikePGH’s work in the community and dance near some of the fittest legs in Pittsburgh.  No worrying happening here!


Saturday is definitely a recovery day. I plan on doing the Bike to the Bucs’ Game on Sunday which is one of the 100 events of BikeFest. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a first place team taking on the Padres!

Jennifer Baron

Jennifer has worked at the Mattress Factory, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Dahesh Museum of Art and is co-author of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania. She also is co-coordinator...