Paul Rosenblatt
Paul Rosenblatt

Founding partner of South Side-based Springboard Design, architect Paul Rosenblatt makes spaces that make a difference. He is nationally recognized for designing facilities for purpose-driven museums, universities and social service organizations.

For the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial, Paul created “Well-Played,” an installation incorporating 15,000 vintage vinyl records. Co-founder of Creator Square, a new artisan residency in Johnstown, Paul lives with his wife, artist Petra Fallaux, in a house they renovated in Squirrel Hill. The couple has two college-aged children, Ella and Lucas, and a  yellow lab, Ginger. Follow Paul’s record collecting and DJ adventures on his music blog Vinyl Architect.

What upcoming events are you excited to attend?

Contemporary Craft’s Out of Hand REMIX party on April 14 is a unique “hands-on” gala that helps support their outstanding exhibitions and programs. Especially excited that they invited me to DJ the party … check out this Spotify playlist, if you want a taste of what’s in store …

Paul Rosenblatt
Paul Rosenblatt at Springboard Design. Photo by Kayle Langford.

Best part of your job?

Working with architects Bill Szustak and Kayle Langford, and my wife, artist Petra Fallaux, at Springboard Design, to improve the lives of our clients and the people they serve through better architecture and design thinking. Honored to get to work with wonderful people and great organizations that help make others’ lives better.

What development projects in Pittsburgh excite you and why?

The work that Bike Pittsburgh is doing to introduce safe biking to Pittsburgh is the city’s most significant and transformative development. Not only environmentally, but it’s also healthy and fun.

As an architect, what do you wish for Pittsburgh?

Despite all of the exciting economic developments, I hope that we are able to preserve the unique and quirky things that give Pittsburgh its authenticity. Too much development looks the same and the danger is that Pittsburgh will begin to look and feel like a lot of other places instead of itself.

What is your favorite building or new restaurant in Pittsburgh from a design standpoint, and why?

I’m a big fan of the Ace Hotel and the restaurant inside, The Whitfield. But I have to admit that I’m also partial to Smoke, that we designed, and Morcilla, that we helped renovate.

Podcast you’re addicted to?

I never miss Sound Opinions with Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot.

Favorite Pittsburgh brewery?

Not really a brewery, but the Independent Brewing Company only sells local independent beer, only plays vinyl, and has no screens. It’s the best.

What song on your playlist is on endless repeat?

Al Green’s “Love and Happiness.” Do I need to explain why?

Besides the essentials (keys, wallet, phone), what do you always carry with you?

When my dad died in 2005, I bought my first pocket-sized Moleskine notebook to keep track of things he told me. Since then, I have filled over 50 more, each one numbered and indexed on a shelf in my studio. I never leave home without one. Everything from shopping lists, to recipes, and things I read or don’t want to forget. It’s a sort of diary of my life.

Paul Rosenblatt
Paul making photographic silkscreen prints at Artists Image Resource. Photo by Jennifer Bailey for Artists Image Resource.

What is your favorite creative outlet?

I double majored in art and architecture in college, and even though I got my master’s degree in architecture, I have never stopped making art. These days I am constructing abstract paintings.

Which Pittsburgh band would you like to play in your living room?

Black Moth Super Rainbow.

What is the one thing that would surprise Pittsburghers most about you?

That I used to have long hair that I wore in a ponytail.

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Jennifer has worked at the Mattress Factory, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Dahesh Museum of Art and is co-author of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania. She also is co-coordinator of Handmade Arcade. Musically, she is in a band called The Garment District and is a founding member of Brooklyn's The Ladybug Transistor.