Dr. Vonda Wright

Dr. Vonda Wright
, MD is an orthopaedic surgeon, author, speaker and changemaker who serves as Medical Director of the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex opening next year.Monday, November 3
Monday, Monday so good to me! I hit the ground running with a 6 a.m. faculty meeting at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine before heading over to the Mercy Southside Surgi-center for this Monday’s big schedule of seven hip, shoulder and knee surgeries. Talk about getting pumped for the week. I love working with my hands and so Mondays are a great day for me. I’ll finish just in time for my 4 p.m. bi-weekly time with the masterful Andrea at Studio Booth. A great way to unwind after my long day.

Tuesday, November 4

I start with a very exciting executive operations meeting about the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, where I was named inaugural Medical Director. Slated to open in time for the 2015 hockey season, this center builds on the sports medicine model established with the Steelers 14 years ago at the UPMC Sports Medicine Complex. In the “north,” as we have begun to call our second site, we are creating the first-of-its-kind model for elite multi-disciplinary sports medicine, performance training, education and research—for not only the pro athletes of our partners the Pittsburgh Penguins, but athletes of ALL ages and skill levels. It is “sports medicine for all” at its best.At noon I will be receiving the WISE (Women in Sports and Entertainment) “Woman of the Year” Award at the Marriott City Center. WOW! What a great honor. The bonus is that my good friend and amazing doctor, Dr. Gloria Beim, MD, who trained at Pitt with Dr. Fu and is the Medical Director for the US Olympic Team, will give the keynote for the luncheon. I usually spend Tuesday afternoons seeing patients at my Shadyside Hospital office before I take my daughter to the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School for her ballet lesson.  This hour gives me time to wind down while listening to classical ballet music.

I’ll end Tuesday night with an orthopaedic sports faculty dinner at the Inn on Negley, owned by my dear friend Liz Sullivan, and my second home. She serves the most amazing Elysian Fields lamb and I often meet friends and colleagues there for brunch.

Wednesday, November 5
Every Wednesday begins with a 6 a.m. sports medicine conference at Montefiore Hospital when faculty, fellows and residents present how we can optimize care for our active patients. I like to remind our fellows and residents that as “mobility” doctors who help people walk, and return to work and sports, our job is much more than just putting broken parts back together. We are literally giving people their lives back, and by keeping them mobile, preventing the rages of chronic disease. Mobility is a big step in preventing disease.

6 a.m. becomes 7 a.m. and will continue with a University of Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Faculty with Grand Rounds. This week Dr. Gloria Beim will present her “Olympic Experience.”

I’m usually off to see a full day of patients at the UPMC Sports Medicine Complex on the Southside (giving some mobility back), but this Wednesday, I’m taking the afternoon to do final preparation for my BIG Women’s Health Conference for 600 smart savvy women at The Westin. Katherine Harrell and Martin Potoczny of LUXE Lighting + Atmospheres, who are producing the event, make it seamless.

On my way home I often stop at my new favorite spot, Marty’s Market in the Strip, for fresh amazing produce for dinner and a skim latte for the road. I’ve become a big fan and often hold meetings in the cafe (frequently I see the Pittsburgh Opera execs doing the same), and just threw a fundraiser there for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Capital Campaign to build new studio space, and Marty’s did an amazing job.

Thursday, November 6

This Thursday is a BIG day for me and more than 600 smart savvy women in Pittsburgh as I host the second annual “Women’s Health Conversations” conference at The Westin. I’ve brought in more than 50 dynamic clinicians to talk about everything that is important for our best health. Amazingly, 70% of our health and aging is determined by the lifestyle choices we make everyday and women make 80% of all the health decisions for themselves and everyone they touch. This puts us in a very powerful position to change not only our own health, but really the health of this country. The day will be filled with amazing conversations, a marketplace full of fun swag and live health screenings, and will be life changing for the women who attend. This is a day not to be missed.

Friday, November 7

FRIDAY! I get to take my daughter to the bus on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and I cherish the sweet morning ritual of this simple part of my day.  She talks and talks, making sure I know everything going on in her world. I love the “mamma” part of my life!  I’ll spend the rest of this day in a  meeting for the new research initiative we’re planning at the “north” sports medicine site, catching up on patient charts and meeting my WHC Smart Savvy Steering committee to debrief at BRGR in Shadyside, owned by fellow soccer parent Brian Pekarcik. I love lounging on the couches and talking . . . seems less like a meeting.

Friday nights we reserve for “family fun night” with pizza and a movie at home with my husband, Peter Taglianetti, our 7-year-old daughter, the husky, Kale, the Bichon, Sweetie, and if we are lucky, our 20-year-old Pitt junior, Corey.

Saturday, November 8

We’re on the road to the Bucknell vs. Fordham game where 20-year-old Louis is the starting safety.

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