Boaz Frankel talks to Michele Frennier at Human Animal Rescue.

In this episode of Yinzer Backstage Pass, we head to Humane Animal Rescue’s campus at 6926 Hamilton Ave. in Homewood to meet dozens of adoptable pets and learn how they are taken care of.

Michele Frennier, director of marketing at Humane Animal Rescue, told us to arrive a few hours before the shelter opened to the public so we could see what it takes to manage such a large array of animals. She met us at the door and the campus was already bustling. Volunteers were taking dogs out for their morning walks or pulling pets into a side room for an enrichment activity that involved rooting around for treats. Other volunteers played with kittens and cleaned out rabbit enclosures — there are a lot of rabbit enclosures.

As I got closer, I realized that these weren’t standard rabbits — they are covered with long, luxurious fur. Michele explained that they are angora rabbits, and around 30 recently arrived at the shelter after being rescued from a hoarding situation. I always considered myself to be more of a dog person, but after sitting and petting an Angora rabbit for a few minutes, I was nearly ready to bring it home with me.

Michele walked us through corridors teeming with kittens and rooms full of guinea pigs. She also introduced us to a few puppies that will be up for adoption soon.

In addition to the animals, they are also rooms and rooms of pet supplies. One room was stacked high with dog and cat food. Another room was packed with freshly laundered dog beds. It takes a lot of volunteers (and supplies) to take care of the nearly 200 animals that currently call this facility home.

If you’re interested in finding a furry companion, you can search all of Humane Animal Rescue’s adoptable pets on the website.

In addition to the East Side campus in Homewood, Humane Animal Rescue also adopts animals out of a North Side campus and operates the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Verona. We visited that facility a few months back and met some of its wild residents including a skunk, owls and a baby chipmunk.

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