On this week’s edition of Yinzer Backstage Pass, Boaz Frankel goes behind the scenes at Mediterra Bakehouse on their 20th anniversary, with a tour of their 40,000-square-foot baking facility in Robinson Township. With co-owner Anthony Ambeliotis as our guide, we discover how Mediterra started their own farm to grow heritage grain and what it’s like to go into business with your family — and we watch as they mix, shape and bake their artisanal bread.

Check out last week’s episode to meet a one-eyed American Kestrel and get a backstage tour of the Animal Care Center at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Boaz is the host of NEXTpittsburgh's Yinzer Backstage Pass video series. He is also an author, filmmaker, advertising copywriter, teacher, experiential storyteller, talk show host, gardener, kazoo museum curator and so much more.