For the next week spice up your summer with a visit to one of more than seventy Pittsburgh restaurants. On Monday, August 15th, Pittsburgh Restaurant Week returns, offering great deals on quick lunches and multi-course dinners at eateries across the city. For a fixed price ranging from $20.16 to $35.16, diners can indulge in seasonal menus at deep discounts, making the week a great time to check out that one place you keep meaning to get to. Many restaurants are also offering wine pairings and special cocktails for the week.

Plenty of old favorites are in the mix, including Bar Marco, Spoon and Avenue B. A glance at the list also reminds us of past participants that have sadly closed since the last PRW: Root 174, Marty’s Market and Prairie are among that group.

But we won’t dwell on the past. Instead, let’s take a look at five restaurants taking part in their very first Pittsburgh Restaurant Week.

Revel + Roost, Downtown

In March of 2016, Revel + Roost opened in Downtown’s Market Square. The restaurant features two distinct concepts: downstairs, Revel offers quick lunches and casual dinners. Upstairs, Roost serves upscale breakfasts, dinners and cocktails. For Restaurant Week, grab a three-course meal for $35.16. There are plenty of choices, but you might start with the watermelon Caprese salad, move on to the veal cheek fettuccine, and finish up with a piece of pineapple upside-down cake. Whatever you choose, the meal will come with a complimentary glass of house wine.

Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine, Regent Square

Another brand-new destination, Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine opened its doors on Braddock Avenue in March as well. As the name suggests, Ease puts a modern spin on classic comfort food: think wedge salads, meatloaf and mac and cheese. For their first Restaurant Week, Ease is offering three globe-spanning entrees. Try palak paneer pierogi, Korean bulgogi tacos or traditional seafood gumbo for just $20.16 each.

G&G Noodle Bar, Downtown

G&G Noodle Bar isn’t exactly a newcomer to Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: they participated in the past under their former name, Grit and Grace. However, this is G&G Noodle Bar’s first Restaurant Week since the rebranding, which saw the Downtown hotspot shift their focus towards noodle bowls and Asian street food like Korean chicken wings and steam buns. Their PRW menu shows off what they do best. Start with a street food bite (potstickers, perhaps), fill up with a big bowl of pork or vegetable ramen, and wrap up with a green tea crème brûlée—all for $25.16.

Della Terra, Harmony

Though the unassuming little Italian joint has been open for a few years, this is Della Terra’s first Restaurant Week. With a name that means “of the earth,” the Harmony restaurant serves up an excellent selection of seasonal pastas and wood-fired pizzas. Their Restaurant Week Menu features several of them, including their “quattro formaggi” pizza and pappardelle with braised pork and mushrooms. Pick one, along with a cold appetizer and salad, for just $30.16.

Station, Bloomfield

Since opening about a year ago, Station has quickly one of my favorite spots for dinner, brunch, or just a quick snack and cocktail. If you haven’t made it to the Bloomfield bistro yet, Restaurant Week provides the perfect opportunity. Their three-course menu is studded with Curtis Gamble signature dishes, including the roasted carrots with pomegranate curd and the ever-popular popcorn panna cotta for dessert. For the entrée, don’t miss the crispy skin chicken breast and leg: Gamble has a deft hand with poultry. The meal will run you $30.16, and Station is offering the option to add drink pairings for $20 more.

Check out all the details, and a full list of participating restaurants, over at Pittsburgh Restaurant Week’s website.

Drew Cranisky is a writer, bartender and recent graduate of Chatham University's Food Studies program. He enjoys cats, pinball and fancy burgers.