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“Pittsburgh is back with a vengeance as a refreshed locus of modern industry, with its tech boomlet buoyed by Google’s mini-hub headquarters, Uber’s super-future self-driving vehicle technology and Carnegie Mellon’s world-famous robotics and engineering labs,” says Lonely Planet.

“The promise of forward-thinking careers and a seriously good-value lifestyle has started to attract many newcomers to the city; it’s even encouraged the locals who fled to other cities to return home.”

And the dining scene has seen a resurgence as well.

Praising our “long culinary legacy” and several of our newer dining hotspots, the travel guide folks at Lonely Planet are advising their audience to chow down in Pittsburgh.

Their take on “the edible side of Notorious P.I.T.” includes more than just the usual suspects (Cure, Morcilla and, yes, Primanti’s). The Ace Hotel’s Whitfield gets a nod, as do DiAnoia’s Sunday brunch pizzas and täkō’s bold “So-Cal surf-shack flavors.”

Also mentioned: 1902 Eatery, Apteka and Smallman Galley.

Check out the full list to see if your favorite made their cut.

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