Photo courtesy of UnSmoke Systems Artspace.
Photo courtesy of UnSmoke Systems Artspace.

UnSmoke Systems Artspace

On view through August 30
By appointment

Step into uncharted artistic territory with the opening of If One Won’t Another One Will, a new exhibition at UnSmoke Systems Artspace, an old Catholic school building turned gallery and community art space located in Braddock.

If One Won’t Another One Will presents the solo artwork of artist Stephen Grebinski, in an exhibition that marks the artist’s first major debut in the Pittsburgh area.

Much like the conversion of the Braddock art space itself, Grebinski’s work focuses on combining and repurposing photographic material to create his own artwork. Pieces on view will include images of men contrasted against Balkan and Appalachian scenes, remnants of old homes and repurposed photographs of antique spaces.

Using these photographs in a variety of media, including installations, artist books and video, Grebinski’s show will convey the hidden narratives and complex stories told by photographs and the objects in the images.

An Ohio native, Grebinski came to Pittsburgh to study film at The University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. “The photograph is an index of something that exists within itself, within the subject, or between my subject and me,” he notes. “History loses meaning. Identities and relationships are in constant flux. Abandoned spaces become totems, playgrounds, or palaces; a suburban girl, a warrior. The Midwest becomes the site of a falling empire. But even with these designations, nothing is fixed.”

The Artspace was founded in 2008 and is a project exploring the reuse of urban space by Braddock Redux.

Admission is free of charge and open to the public. The exhibition can be viewed after the August 8 opening by appointment through August 30.

To learn more about the show, click here.

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