colony cafe
Brian Conway photo.

Chocolate and peanut butter, spaghetti and meatballs, coffee and . . . cats? Some combos just work, and though the last one may not seem like it should make the list, trust us, it should.

Colony Café, Pittsburgh’s first cat café, recently opened at 1125 Penn Avenue, and what we thought would be a quirky one-off has become one of our new favorite places to visit. While sipping coffee (or wine!) inside a Cat Loft where kitties roam around and rub their heads ever so lovingly on your legs, you suddenly realize you’re in the perfect place to brighten your spirits: whether that’s with caffeine, alcohol or a sweet snuggle.

Check out our video for a peek inside, and take a look at what else you need to know about Colony Café right here.

Video by Liz Barentine for NEXTpittsburgh.

Ali Trachta

Ali Trachta joyfully returned home to Pittsburgh after a long stint at LA Weekly. Most recently she served as its online editor as well as digital strategist for its parent company, Voice Media Group, which owns seven alt-weekly newspapers. She lives in Stanton Heights with her husband and little boy.