Could you get anywhere you need to go in Pittsburgh within a 15-minute walk or bike trip?

A new report from moveBuddha ranks Pittsburgh third among “America’s Top 25 Potential 15-Minute Cities.”

The 15-Minute City concept, which gained traction in Paris last year, is defined as a place where all of a family’s daily and weekly needs (work, shops, entertainment, education and healthcare) are located within a 15-minute walk or bike ride.

To determine the best 15-minute cities in America, moveBuddha evaluated the 78 largest metropolitan areas according to ease of walking and biking, dining, parks, safety, medical care, child care, schools, housing affordability and more.

Pittsburgh came in third, behind Miami and San Francisco, with an overall score of 5.81 out of 10. Pittsburgh’s Walk and Bike Score is 6.7; Dining, Parks and Community, 7.3; Childcare, 2.8; Health and Safety, and Housing Affordability, 7.3.

Affordable housing remains one of the city’s strong points, with Pittsburgh scoring best among the top 10 cities. The moveBuddha report notes that six of the top 10 cities have home affordability scores lower than 5.

Pittsburgh has been getting recognition for its efforts to improve mobility, including the recent Transit app.

Read the entire report here.

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