Sandbox VR
Players at Sandbox VR's San Francisco location. Photo courtesy of Sandbox VR.

With the surge in popularity of virtual reality and its applications across various industries, Pittsburghers can look forward to experiencing the technology for themselves this summer — in a fun way.

Virtual gaming company Sandbox VR is taking over 5,571 square feet in The Terminal in the Strip District to create what it calls a socially immersive gaming experience. It will be the first location in Pennsylvania for the San Francisco-based company, which operates 35 sites worldwide.

Players wear a VR headset, a haptic vest and motion sensors on their wrists and ankles, allowing visitors to interact with the virtual world and each other.

Visitors at Sandbox VR’s San Francisco location playing Star Trek Discovery. Photo courtesy of Sandbox VR.

Sandbox VR experiences cost $50 per person Monday through Thursday and $55 per person Friday through Sunday, including mixed reality videos at no extra cost. Up to six people can play at one time. Larger groups can book a private event online.

During a typical 90-minute visit to Sandbox VR, game enthusiasts can choose from six virtual experiences. These 30-minute games include Deadwood Valley, a zombie thriller sure to be popular in Pittsburgh; the Curse of Davy Jones, where players brave the high seas; and the sci-fi Star Trek Discovery game that allows gamers to explore strange new worlds — and engage in shootouts.

“Sandbox VR is a great place for companies to host team building exercises and for families and friends to come together for social events,” says David Friedman of Sandbox VR. “The Terminal’s focus on pedestrian access and ease of use makes it a destination for residents and visitors alike, which is a critical feature for our entertainment offering.”

Jason Phox is a journalist in the Pittsburgh area sharing important information with the people of the Steel City. He enjoys writing, photography, and mostly comic books.