Photo courtesy of The Pittsburgh Juice Company.

Despite February’s warm spell, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter and cold and flu season is upon us. In addition to mask-wearing, hand washing and immunizing, there plenty of healthy foods and beverages that can boost your immune system. 

Here are a few places with juices, bowls and soups that have nourishing options and keep sickness at bay. 

1. The Pittsburgh Juice Company

The Pittsburgh Juice Co. is the place to go when looking for a big boost of vitamins and minerals all in one drink. This spot takes fresh and organic ingredients and concocts some incredibly delicious juices that help you to reach the recommended daily doses for fruits and vegetables. There is also an option for a program that is a collection of juices to help hit the healthy body reset. 3418 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville 

Photo courtesy of Fresh from the Farm Juices.

2. Fresh From the Farm Juices

Fresh From the Farm Juices offers cold-pressed organic juice that carries the vitamins you need to stay well during the winter. The idea of cold-pressed juice is that it yields more flavor and packs in better nutritional value. All of the produce comes from local and organic sources. There are also several cleanses for people looking for a more strict juicing schedule. 4000 Washington Road, Suite 102, McMurray

3. The Spot

The Spot has açaí bowls that are packed with protein and antioxidants. The South American açaí berry is the star of the show — a sweet, fresh and crunchy treat. These blended bowls are a delicious and nutritious way to keep well all year round. Multiple Locations: Wexford and Fox Chapel

Photo courtesy of Kahuna Poke & Juice Bar.

4. Kahuna Poke & Juice Bar

Kahuna prides itself on healthy ingredients. If you’re looking for a dish that tastes good and keeps you feeling good, this is the place. Poke bowls here have sustainably sourced seafood, with fish rich in antioxidants atop rice and veggies. Cold-pressed juices, smoothies and wholesome protein bowls are also available. This is your fast-casual option for a nutrient-dense meal. 132 S. Highland Ave., East Liberty    

Photo courtesy of Soluna.

5. Soluna

Formerly Cafetano, Soluna coffee and mezcal bar has some nutritious breakfast options on the menu. The “lively breakfast” section offers açaí bowls and seasonal fruits to load up on the nutrients you need for the winter season. Fungi are known for having high fiber and being antioxidant-rich, so the wild mushroom frittata is a healthy and savory breakfast choice. 1601 Penn Ave., Strip District 

Photo courtesy of Live Fresh.

6. Live Fresh

Squeeze in your fruits and veggies with a smoothie from Live Fresh juicery. This juice and smoothie bar ethos is delivering nutritious food to the community. If you start feeling under the weather, Live Fresh offers immunity shots to help stave off the sniffles. Locations: Homestead, Regent Square and the North Side 

7. California Coffee Bar

California Coffee Bar is another great grab-and-go shop for a balanced breakfast and other healthy foods. There are six different smoothies on the menu that provide a convenient way to take your fruit and veggies to-go. The quiet neighborhood cafe serves blended drinks with fun names like Pink Lady and Green Machine. 3619 California Ave., Brighton Heights  

8. Smallman Street Deli

Matzo Ball Soup from Smallman Street Deli is sure to cure what ails you. While we all know it is some type of panacea, scientists officially concluded that matzo ball soup ingredients are good for your health. If chicken noodle soup does more for your soul, that’s also on the menu. 2840 Smallman St., Strip District 

Photo courtesy of Pho Van.

9. Pho Van

Bone broth is known for its many benefits, and a warm bowl of pho is just what you need to keep up a hearty immune system in the colder months. Pho Van serves up traditional Vietnamese food, with steamy bowls of pho as a centerpiece of the menu. The restaurant has the option to customize its bowls, so patrons can personalize their pho. 2120 Penn Ave., Strip District 

10. Brothmonger

Brothmonger, a small-batch soup purveyor, knows what it takes to stay healthy through the cold weather months. They offer small-batch orders in an array of flavor profiles that warm the hearts and stomachs of any soup lover. Be sure to check out our list of soup spots for more of the best places for a bowl in the city. Locations: Keep an eye on the Brothmonger’s social media for details about upcoming collaborations with shops across Pittsburgh.